Please note that prices are quoted in JMD. Please note rates are subjected to change

Weight in Pound Cost
0.00 LBS-0.99 LBS $400.00
1.00 LBS-1.99 LBS $780.00
2.00 LBS-2.99 LBS $1180.00
3.00 LBS-3.99 LBS $1580.00
4.00 LBSs-4.99 LBS $1980.00
5.00 LBS-5.99 LBS $2380.00
6.00 LBS-6.99 LBS $2780.00
Up tp 9.00 LBS $400 per additional LBS

Please note terms and conditions apply


Processing Fees

Processing Fee is based on the items and weight.

Customs Fees

Packages that value $50.00 USD onwards, are subject to Customs Duty charges regardless of the content.

Custom Documents

Custom Act