Services We Provide

Air freight

Our experienced international team will ensure your package is safely packed and delivered on time. As a professional management service, we will handle all the customs processes so your shipment gets to you.

Freight forwarding

We provide you with an overseas shipping address to make purchases online. We are the bridge between you and your parcel, getting your package to you on time and on time.


Your package will be delivered to you in a speedy time. Regardless of the size or distance, we’ll safely and securely deliver your shipment to you. Prodigy Courier Service, you can rely on our professional team to deliver efficient customer service. Leave the hassle to us.

Purchases for you

Don’t have the means to make purchases online? No worries, we’ll take care of that for you. Our credit card service is here for you. We will make the purchase, receive your package overseas and have it delivered to you